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A lineage of six generations of professional sewers and pattern makers emerged from the Dust Bowls of Kansas and paved the way for what became known as White Horse Trading Company: one man, one pair at a time, bench-made, using heirloom techniques passed down by the generations gone by, and harkening back to a time when a single garment could be made by one person, from start to finish with a maddening focus on innovation, construction, fit and finish. 

The next iteration of that experiment is now here. With a fuller original lineup of bench-made vintage and iconic fits, new back pocket designs, and a wider range of customized options, it is my pleasure to introduce you to W.H. Ranch Dungarees, Buckin’ Good!

*Always made with pride in the US of A*

Heritage Collection

The line that started it all.  Here you will find all of the current bench-made W.H. Ranch Dungarees goods.  One man, one pair at a time.  Giddy up!

R1901J Cowboy Jacket


R1901J Cowboy Jacket

from 500.00

A classic cowboy jacket if there ever was one!


  • Bench-Made Single-Needle Construction- one man, one jacket at a time from start to finish.
  • Riser Seams in favor of standard machined felled seams add extra durability - a popular technique on turn of the century work wear.
  • Self-enclosed components - each piece of these jackets are a product in themselves. (No raw fabric edges or overlocked edges.)
  • Heavy Tex 105 cotton thread (Made in USA
  • YKK Raw Copper Buttons (Made in USA)
  • Pure Copper hand-set rivets and burrs (Made in USA)
  • Keyhole buttonholes set with a vintage Reece 101


Next, head on over to the Denim Lots page and select your favorite available denim.  Add it to the cart and you're all set! 

Because these jackets are made per your specifications on size it is vitally important that you reference the sizing chart, as these cannot be returned.  All denim is sanforized and will shrink less than 1%. Size chart reflects raw state.

*Jackets are cut and sewn per order as per your specs.  At the $500 price point, the jacket will be completed in the order in which they are received.  No projected completion date will be given.  Because of the fluidity and logistical factors of making one pair at a time, this task has proven impossible over the last five years.  

**Rush orders now available:  For $700, your jacket will be produced in four weeks or less guaranteed.  You must first contact to get your order approved.  Once approved, you will be provided an electronic invoice for payment.  Please specify your style, size, denim lot selection and any other details in your rush request.  For more information, please visit the FAQ page. 


**note: photo shown may not reflect the newest lot of denim, only the fit. 


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