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A lineage of six generations of professional sewers and pattern makers emerged from the Dust Bowls of Kansas and paved the way for what became known as White Horse Trading Company: one man, one pair at a time, bench-made, using heirloom techniques passed down by the generations gone by, and harkening back to a time when a single garment could be made by one person, from start to finish with a maddening focus on innovation, construction, fit and finish. 

The next iteration of that experiment is now here. With a fuller original lineup of bench-made vintage and iconic fits, new back pocket designs, and a wider range of customized options, it is my pleasure to introduce you to W.H. Ranch Dungarees, Buckin’ Good!

*Always made with pride in the US of A*


Are you out of your mind??!  Who would pay $600 for jeans?

Quite a few people actually.  After five years of struggling to accurately estimate current work loads and project a proper timeframe for completion, a new tiered system has been launched.  This idea was put forward by a current client, friend and reputable store owner.  For the standard $375 price point, your hand-made jeans, made by Ryan himself at his studio in Colorado, will be done in the order in which they are received.  No projected completion date will be given.  This is a very un-diplomatic way of saying "they're done when they're done".  During some points of the year, it could be a 3 month wait, during others, it could be a year.  A new rush option will be available for the first time.  For $600, your jeans will be guaranteed completed in four weeks or less. Each rush pair will have to be approved first by contacting for the go ahead and to ensure your jeans will be completed in the specified time frame.  Once approved, a PayPal invoice will be sent out for payment.    

Where the $#@% are my jeans?!! 

Heritage Collection hand made jeans are meticulously crafted by founder and sixth generation sewer Ryan Martin.  Due to the          tedious nature of the construction and utmost attention to detail, only one pair can be made per working day.  Because several orders can come in a day, among other logistical factors, the lead time is fluid and changing almost by the hour.  Posted lead times were not meant to be taken as Gospel, only a very rough gauge of the current work load.  If waiting patiently ain't your thing, feel free to browse the Ready to Wear Collection for goods available to ship immediately or feel free to pay a few bucks more have have them made guaranteed in 4 weeks or less.

What is the difference between the Heritage Collection and the Ready to Wear Collection?

The Heritage Collection is made by one man, founder Ryan Martin, from start to finish.  Every aspect of this collection is done by a single pair of hands utilizing turn of the century construction techniques passed down from family member to family member.  All garments are crafted using single needle construction and feature hand set hardware.  One man, one pair at a time.

The Ready to Wear collection is a much more broad designer collection that takes current pieces from the Heritage Collection and adds shirting, accessories and outerwear.  Each garment produced in the RTW collection is made in downtown Los Angeles using 1950s construction specifications and details common to that era.  As the line continues to grow, more fits from the Heritage Collection will be rolled in.  The RTW collection will be sold at retailers world wide and available right here.  Stay tuned for an up to date list of current stores and W.H. Ranch Ambassador locations that can fit you up for pair of custom Heritage Collection jeans.

Can I return or exchange my Heritage Collection jeans?


Can I put a deposit down on my Heritage Collection jeans?

Sorry, no.

What size should I order?

Do not go off of what size you wear in brand "x".  Many jeans now are vanity sized, even for men.  Please consult the Measurement Guide below to help determine what size you will need in all W.H. Ranch Dungarees.

Can I make custom requests on my jeans?

I will entertain all requests, but may not agree to all of them.  Just shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do.  I rarely say no.