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A lineage of six generations of professional sewers and pattern makers emerged from the Dust Bowls of Kansas and paved the way for what became known as White Horse Trading Company: one man, one pair at a time, bench-made, using heirloom techniques passed down by the generations gone by, and harkening back to a time when a single garment could be made by one person, from start to finish with a maddening focus on innovation, construction, fit and finish. 

The next iteration of that experiment is now here. With a fuller original lineup of bench-made vintage and iconic fits, new back pocket designs, and a wider range of customized options, it is my pleasure to introduce you to W.H. Ranch Dungarees, Buckin’ Good!

*Always made with pride in the US of A*

Measurement Guide

This is how we measure our dungarees here at the ranch.  All measurements are taken flat unless noted:

The waist is measured straight across from side to side and doubled.  Example: 16" flat is a 32" waist or a size 32 dungaree


The front rise is measured from the crotch seam straight up to the top of the waistband.

measure front rise.jpg

Similarly, the back rise is measured from the crotch seam straight up the back of the dungarees to the top of the waistband.  In general, the back rise is 3" or greater than the front rise measurement.

measure back rise.jpg

The thigh measurement is taken straight across starting from the crotch seam.


The knee measurement is taken from side to side roughly 13" below the thigh.


The hem or leg opening is taken from side to side.


The inseam is taken from the crotch along the contour of the leg to the hem opening.  All WH Ranch Dungarees come in a standard 37" inseam, though custom inseams are available upon request.